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A static look for a dynamic website.
Moving your site without penalisation
url rewriting.

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url rewriting

Building dynamic websites with a static look using php

you have:

you want:

create a file: messages (without suffix)

include ("$url[2]&type=$url[3]");

add to your (or create a) .htaccess file in that directory

<Files messages>
ForceType application/x-httpd-php

Move your site without penalization in ranking

You wan't to change your url: (root of the old homepage)

add to your (or create a) .htaccess file in your old root directory

Redirect permanent /

you got e.g.: ® ® ®

you can also redirect single files only (e.g.: if you change the name):

Redirect permanent /data/oldfilename.html /newdirectory/newname.php

you got e.g.: ®

This directive makes the search engine know that the redirect is permanent (status 301). No penalization in ranking.