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Many links with no affect plan carefully.
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SEO, what is changing?
New trends of
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Google Update/Dance


Search Engine Optimization

New Trends of SEO
More and more search engines tend to look at other sites to determine your ranking. So what can i do within my site?
  • Get as many different sites in the search engine as you can.
    You can see which of your site is in the search eningne.
    By using the e.g.(google) " yourdomain" syntax.
  • All of these sites should contain a link to the sites you want to rank high. Many sites do this with a menu. Prefer includes for a menu - frames suck here the most. With a frame menu you have only one site linking to your main sites thats really bad.
  • Avoid using "home" as a anchor text or something like that for sites you wan't a good ranking. If the design can't afford changing these words for linking use images. Here you can add alttext (alt="keywords") which is nearly as good as real text.
  • Old Search Engine Optimization also influence your ranking so keywords in
    • the metatitle <title>...</title> and
    • headings <h1>...</h1>
    • as well as an average keyword density (frequency of one keyword divided by number of words total).
      here you can check it:
    will do a nice boost in ranking.

What determines the ranking in order of importance

  • anchor text going to your site from the main directories.
  • link text from other sites.
  • how you link (e.g. to your main site 'home') within your site.
    If you have 2-3 domains with many sites in the search engine index.
    And all link with the same link text to a site. You can go to the top without directories and links from other sites.
  • Old Search Engine Optimization
  • pagerank and algorithm similar to that.