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Google Update/Dance


Google Pagerank

Bringing order to the web

Your site is new and you just put it online or you call your own.
Google treat them totally different:
  • A site with a high pagerank 7/10 or more is spidered daily.
    With low Pagerank 4/10 or less you can be lucky if google visits your site once a month.
  • If all other ranking criteria seems similar, the result pages are ordered by Pagerank.

What is my Pagerank

Pagerank as it says is page oriented. So if your site has 100 pages each may vary from 0 to 10. You can see your Toolbar-Pagerank (0 to 10) by installing the Google Toolbar or if your site is listed in you can see your Directory-Pagerank in the Google Web Directory in front of your site listing. Most times if people talk about they have a Pagerank 5 site they mean the Toolbar-Pagerank. If your site isn't in the index the toolbar guesses a value, which isn't accurate.

Difference between Directory-Pagerank and Toolbar-Pagerank

The Toolbar shows a value(x/10) when holding the mouse over it. In the Directory there is no value which you can read, but it goes from 1 to 7. The graphic from shows the relationship between Directory- and Toolbar Pagerank
How to increase Pagerank

E.g. You submited to and you got a nice bit of Pagerank like x.
  • Get links from sites with a Pagerank of x-2 to 10
  • The more the better - A Pagerank 7 link may worth 100 Pagerank 6 links
  • Pagerank 0 to (x-3) won't help you much, so dont't waste time.
  • Forget about getting links from sites with a Pagerank 0 to x-1 containg allready 100 links or more.
    The less links on a site the better for your link.