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Keywords and the anchor text

What is the anchor text?

You all have links on your website like this:
<a href="">here is the anchor text</a>

Importance of anchor text
More and more search engines don't look only on your page to decide if its relevant to a keyword. They look at other websites which link to your site. Doing both anaylzing the hole content of the site linking to you and take a special look at this anchor text.

e.g.: The name of your website didn't include any keywords. So many people link to your site like this:
<a href="">name</a> and maybe keywords here

What you really want is:
<a href="">all your keywords in here</a>

How can I influence the anchor text on links going to my site?
  • Buy a domain that include your keywords.
  • Name subdomains, directory und files with your keywords.
    Look at this very nice link popularity checker many people link to it like I do here:
    Unfortunately neighter marketleap nor publinkpop is a good keyword for this site. would be better.
  • Place well visible titles with the keywords of that site. Many people take the title (copy & paste) they seen on your site and use it as an anchor text.
  • All link requests should include html code how to link to your site. If you suggest a banner for linking include the alt text.
    <a href=""><img src="..." alt="keywords"></a>
  • If you can, change your name to "name keyword" or something like that. A good way is also placing banners with "name keyword" on your site. At least do this until you are in the main directories., directories

I recommend you to start with passing the quiz you know much more on how editors choose your title and description. In directories the title is your anchor text suggestion. The description should contain the other keywords and should be brief so the editor can't easyly shorten it.

Bad things which could happen:
You submit You got
title description title description
database of keyword * name database of keyword
name keyword * name keyword
So better don't try to put all your keywords in the title. You could be rejected for not following the submission instructions or get a title-description shifting with a new bad title and a very poor description. Be lucky if you got one extra keyword to your real name in the title.
How to find the keywords

Start with keyword databases like that:
  • 7search
    offers search terms
    e.g. websit --> website promotion...
    supports half-words
  • overture
    offers search terms
    e.g. website --> website promotion...
    whole words only
  • webcrawler
    suggest new words
    enter at least 5 words
  • keywordcity
    don't know where to start?
    keywords sorted by subject

What indicates the right keywords
  • The relevance to your site
    one pleased visitor is better than 10 who instantly push the back button
  • How often people search them
    therefore try also google (press continue without filling out the form)
  • Your chance getting a top 10 listing with these words