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Link Popularity

Many links with no affect plan carefully.
Take the right keywords for your anchor text suggestion.

Dear Webmaster,
Please visit my website at
If you link me I'll give you a link back......
How to ask for links.

SEO, what is changing?
New trends of
search engine optimization.

A static look for a dynamic website.
Moving your site without penalisation
url rewriting.

Google Update/Dance


How to ask for links

Making preparations
  • Look at the website.
    • Is it relevant to your site?
    • You think the site owner is interested to link your site?
    • Is this a good site for your link section?
  • Decide if you offering a linkexchange or only perform a link request.

What should your link request contain
  • Personalize your email - find the site owner's name.
    Show that you took the time visting his site.
  • Be professional and courteous.
  • Add a brief description of your site.
  • On what site you wan't a link.
  • "I have already placed a link to your site. You can see it at:"(linkexchange)
    Don't forget to put the http:// in front of any Url. Most email viewer make the url clickable.
  • Follow any link-request instructions if exist.